Saturday, 4 December 2010

Angus & Julia Stone- Mango Tree

These are one of my favourite bands and I really love the way a constant style can been seen within their music videos. I especially love all the filters used and the way they have added a grain to the film to make it look like old footage, like a memory. This style is something that i would really like to use within my video. 

Thriller - Micheal Jackson

I have decided to analyse this video as it is probably the most revolutionary music videos ever, because of the length but also the style and unique mix of narrative and performance.

Smoke & Mirrors - Paloma Faith

The video I analysed was not available for embedding so follow the link below to view it:

Paloma Faith is a Pop artist with a soulful voice who is reminiscent of old school blues artist such as Eartha Kitt, Ella Fitzgerald and Etta James. She is a very talented artist who has many strings to her bow; as well as being a succesful Pop artist she is also an accomplished actress starring in the the hit film St. Trinians, where she player a character that is Polar to her in every way.

I watched the video and analysed it, here are my notes below:

I love the way that throughout the video the artist has a constant representation that is in keeping with her  image. I also the way the video has a mix of performance and narrative, I especially like how the chorus is mainly performance and the verse is narrative, this separates the chorus from t he verse and it emphasises the importance of the chorus. This is something that i will be looking to implement in my own video.

My favourite element of the whole video is the way the video is bibliographical and it is a constant reference to the artist past when she was a a magicians assistant and it shows her feelings about her old life and how she dreamed of bigger things. By making these personal references to her old life she is showing something about her to the audience which i think is key to get the audience to understand you as an artist and it will help the audience warm to the artist. I am going to try and make my artist video like this and use bibliographical elements as the song is about something personal to the artist.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Over the past two weeks I have been concentrating on developing my ideas and story boarding for my  music video. I have been thinking about the narrative for the music video and to be in keeping with the song and her target audience I have come up with the narrative of a teenage girl breaking up with her boyfriend being upset and it will show the story of her coping with the break-up and different ways she coped with it. The lyrics say "Don't forget your home", this is directed at her boyfriend and she is saying that his home is with her.

Whilst doing this I have also completed some more research into music videos. I am going to post my research and my ideas about the video and about Ellie and her image.