Monday, 25 October 2010

Camera Work

Dolly Shot
A dolly shot is a travelling shot where the camera moves, usually on a wheeled cart, mounted on a rail.
Match Cut
An action that is started in shot A and completed in shot B or an action started in Shot A is mirrored in shot B. A very famous example of this is from 2001 Space Odyssey.
The bone is thrown in the air and then as the bone falls it changes to the satellite in space.

30 degree Rule
This is a basic film editing rule, which says that the camera should move at least 30degrees between shots of the same subject. By doing this we can stop the change in shot feeling so harsh and it creates a smoother change when altering the shot distance (medium to close-up)
180 degree Rule
This is another basic principle of filming, it involves shooting two objects/ people and making sure that they're always on the same side, as if there is a line down the centre of the two subjects. Conventionally this rule isn't broken as it can cause confusion for the audience and disorientation. 

Cross Cutting
Cross cutting is a technique that is often used in films to establish the idea of two events happening at the same time. This would be an interesting technique for my video as if I choose to do a song with a "love" storyline I would be able to portray the two sides of the relationship.
Jump Cut
A jump cut are two sequential shots of the same subject within which the camera moves slightly this creates a feeling of discontinuity and adds a feeling of movement of the subject.
Establishing Shot
This type of shot establishes the context of the scene and the setting. This shot is used a lot in narrative music videos and if I create a narrative video this will be a useful tool to establish and build the story and location of the narrative. Avoidance establishing shots is done when the feeling of mystery is wanted.
Up Shot
This gives prestige to the performer by making them appear larger and as if they're above us and it gives the feeling of a live performance as it simulates the feeling of being in a crowd looking up at the stage. 
Here is an example:


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