Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Artist's Website- Research

With advances in technology and the development of the internet the way we access music has changed too. These changes mean the way artists/ bands promote themselves has had to alter also. As part of the supporting task I have decided to create a website for my artist. 

Websites allow artists to promote themselves online, acting like a virtual business card almost, but it also provides somewhere for existing fans to keep up to date with what the band is doing, when the text gigs are and if they have new material soon to be released. 

To help me create my website I have decided to look at some artist/band websites, this will give me a deeper understanding of what to include and how to compose my website. 

Below are some websites I have looked at and my thoughts and feelings about them:

  • This is a very simple yet classic website design. 
  • I like the layout using boxes over the top of a faint image of the artist. 
  • The way the image used for the album cover is echoed in the background gives us a continuous and consistent representation of the artist.
  • Artists name is biggest thing on page. Important as it needs to be the first thing we see. 
  • sophisticated/ grow up colour scheme
  • Mailing list
  • videos integrated to home page
The XX-
  • Less conventional that Adele site.
  • Strong brand- X in the centre with footage behind it
  • Brand colour scheme used (black &white) used throughout album art, videos and merch.
  • Simple Links
  • Newsletter sign up, like adele's 
  • option to play track 
  • links to myspace page, itunes and amazon
  • contact info
I have noticed that a lot of artists also have a merchandise website attached where fans can order official products. For this reason I have decided to look at the format of "The XX" shop.

In keeping with the artist image and style the shop is very simple with a continuation of the black and white colour scheme. It has the artists logo at the top and all produce has the artist logo incorporated. By looking at this I have had lots of ideas for my website for Ellie and I now feel confident that I can create a website that promotes my artist whilst being in keeping with my artist image and brand. 

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