Thursday, 7 April 2011

Final Album Artwork

Here is my final choice of front cover and my back cover:

I chose this front cover for various reasons. Firstly the eye contact between the artist and the customer is really engaging and will draw customers in. I also really like the mis-en-scene. The combination of the sophisticated fur shrug and the slightly tussled hair is a nice contrast that will appeal to her target audience. The misty forest setting gives the image a very organic and natural feel which will appeal to her audience. I position the subject to use the natural light to create this halo behind her head, which along with the setting gives a really etherial quality. I have obeyed the usual conventions of a debut album, by making it self-titled (artists name is album name), by having her name as the largest text on the page and by including a picture of the artist like both Kate Nash and Adele did with their debuts.

The back cover adds to the rustic, home-made style, using ripped wallpaper and the hanging frame. The font I used for the track names is the same as I have used throughout her website and advert. I have used the conventions of having her record labels logo, copyright information, a track list, a barcode and the artist website address. 

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