Tuesday, 18 January 2011

First Video Shoot- 19th January

This wednesday we are filming our some of the footage we need for our music video. I have assigned us all roles so that the video shoot runs smoothly and to make sure that we all have responsibilities. One of my roles is to manage the props, so based on our story board and my shooting plan I have made a checklist of the props and equipment we will need for this shoot.

  • Laptop- power cable
  • Mobile Phone
  • Dolls House
  • Cigarettes
  • Lighter/ matches
  • Photograph to burn
  • Wine bottle
  • Cardboard box (to hold possessions) 
  • Possessions- DVDs(La vie en Rose, Lassie, Chocolat, Romeo & Juliette) BOOKS (art book,  epping forest, "positive thinking...", "get out of my life...",  New york tourist guide, London tourist guide) CDs (eclectic mix) CUDDLY TOY, TROPHIES, PHOTO FRAME( photo of couple in side) 
  • video camera
  • tripod
  • Camera to take pictures of behind the scenes. 
I chose every item that is going to be inside the cardboard box for specific reasons. Through my research I found that props are conventionally used within videos to express views, ambitions, personality or ideas  that the artist has. 

  • Lassie- I chose Lassie as like the song it is all about not forgetting your home
  • Romeo & Juliette- it is a tragic love story, like the BF & GF relationship
  • Chocolat- again is a love story
  • La Vie en Rose- This film charters the rise to fame of Edith Piath, an older female artist who became famous due to her unique singing voice. An aspiration of my artist.
These are an indication of the acclaim my artist seeks, and it is a signifier for her desire to win awards for her music.

  • I chose the book about Epping forest as it is one of our filming locations
  • The city guides again represent her dream of fame and fortune, London and New York are often places where musical artist go to seek fame.
  • The books entitled "get out of my life" and "positive thinking..." were a more jovial addition as it fits in with the idea of a relationship break up. I though it was funny, especially the "Get out of my life book" as it basically the message intended, by giving all the possessions back. 
I chose a  bit of mix of music tastes and genres as speaking with Ellie I found that she is influenced by all sorts of music and she doesn't have a particular preference. 

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