Tuesday, 18 January 2011

SHOOT PLAN- 19th January 10

We are going to be filming all of the footage where the location is not important (as they are close ups),  all the footage of interaction between the artist and her boyfriend( break up) and the forest scene where the chorus is set. 

Here is the shooting plan that I created in order to help us know what we should be doing and so that we can tick it of once its done. I did this so that we film with a process in order to ensure that we do not forget any footage. I will print this off so that we can refer to it, as internet access wont be available.


  1. Spinning In circles w/ and w/o boyfriend
  2. Hiding behind trees
  3. Dancing
  4. Performance to camera
  5. Sitting mournfully on log (with cigarette and wine bottle) 
  6. Running through forest

  1. Lip Shot (1,2,3...)
  2. Guitar strumming close up (to show artists musicality)
  3. Facebook Chat ( demographic related)
  4. Caller ID 
  5. Burning photograph shot. ( to show moving on )
  6. Holding Hands 
  7. Bum Pinch
  1. Argument (mouthed words) 
  2. Handing box back 
  3. Box on the floor (thrown)
  4. Artist running (tracking in car/ static camera run past)
  5. BF & GF holding hands walking (back and front) 
  6. Ice cream in face

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