Saturday, 8 January 2011

Lip Syncing Exercise

To help with the production of my music video for my chosen artist I thought it would be a good idea to practice by making a short video, selecting a clip of music from Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance". We took it in turns to film and perform. At first we were all quite apprehensive of performing in front of each other, but we slowly became more comfortable in front of each other. By going through this process together in has made us closer as a group which will help when it comes to creating our final video as we won't feel inhibited in front of each other.

After recording all of the footage I needed I then uploaded the footage on to the iMac. I used "Final Cut Express" to cut the footage, to combine it and sync it with the music. Once I had cut the footage and combined it with the music, I then used the program to add different affects to the video. This knowledge will come in handy when I'm editing my own music video, as I have a better understanding of how to edit the clips together smoothly and I have a better grasp of the different sorts of effects I can use on my video.

Overall I feel that this has been a hugely useful exercise and I have learnt more about the processes involved with making a successful music video.

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